Are you tired of your pool company not returning your calls? Not showing up when scheduled? Arriving inappropriately attired and conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner? Poorly communicating? Lacking the required knowledge?

Coastal Clear Pools makes this commitment to each and every customer.

Every visit to your home or business will be conducted with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism. All repair and cleaning technicians are expected to be well groomed, attired in company uniforms and to execute the commitment of excellence required by the company's management and to follow clear direction provided by the home or business owner.

If you need to contact Coastal Clear Pools, you will get a rapid response. Either an employee will answer your call live or, if you are required to leave a message, an employee will return your call in a matter of minutes.

Coastal Clear Pools is committed to operating their business with integrity and honesty. All services will be clearly explained and documented prior to the beginning of service. If repair work is required, Coastal Clear Pools will provide a written quote for consideration. As hands-on owners, Ryan Brooks and Rob Thornton are personally available to all customers to resolve any unforeseen issues.

Coastal Clear Pools is committed to providing all pool and spa owners with extensive expertise in the areas of rock, tile, stone, plaster and pebble surfaces as well as the mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements of pools and spas and the vitally important area of proper water chemistry. Ryan Brooks, one of Coastal Clear Pools' partners started his career building detailed and sophisticated pools and has over sixteen years experience in all facets of pool maintenance and management. If a technician notices an area of concern in or around your pool or with your pool equipment, Ryan will personally visit your home or business to make a thorough diagnosis. Coastal Clear Pools will only use equipment parts manufactured by national companies that offer industry-standard, warranties. Further, Coastal Clear Pools consistently participates in industry education programs to keep up-to-date on the latest industry technologies and the availability of innovative energy saving equipment.

All Coastal Clear Pools' technicians receive extensive initial training and are required to participate in on-going industry education seminars to further their abilities. Additionally, all homes and businesses are regularly and randomly visited by supervisory staff to ensure technicians are fulfilling their responsibilities to the highest standards.



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